Hyper-efficient delivery networks combining drones and robotics for shipping companies losing hundreds of millions every year operating last-mile

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The isle of Iona is a remote area, next to the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Its landscapes and people are welcoming, but its logistics is extremely a nightmare. Our delivery systems were built for cities, leaving millions of people marginalised due to the complexity of small volumes and low population density.

Our mission statement is to empower all areas with a system that allows for efficient logistics anywhere and for everyone. It's sustainable, inclusive and profitable.
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Rural Logistics

Shipping companies are losing money on last-mile, due to half-empty cargo vans operating winding routes, and driver shortages affecting services. Just in the US and Europe, 313M people must wait days, pay expensive surcharges, or drive hours to access their mail and parcels.

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Medical, Industrial,

At IONA, we believe that the best way to operate "niche" operations, like medical, is to first prove the model for everyone. The platform should accommodate "daily logistics", so that it's affordable for more specific use cases.

Our drone utilises a new tilt rotor geometry (IP) that combines vertical take-off and landing with wing-borne flight, making it 5-10X more energy efficient than any alternative in its category, as well as more capable with 12X the cargo volume. It was designed with components off-the-shelf, improving costs with multiple suppliers, scalability with maintenance and operations, and modularity as it adapts its performances to the mission.

When coupled with IONA Hubs, pick-up and drop-off points that enable unmanned battery swap and parcel handling, they become the first fully autonomous delivery network.
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