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Shipping companies are losing money in rural areas, due to half-empty cargo vans operating winding routes, and driver shortages affecting services. Just in the US and Europe, 215M people must wait days, pay expensive surcharges or drive hours to access their mails and parcels. It represents $80B dollars in additional costs, and 200Mt of CO2e.

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Facing delivery vans, IONA has a much lower breakeven point and should be considered as a complementary technology. Facing other drone companies, IONA is the first to meets the needs and regulations of rural areas. Its best-of-class energy efficiency (IP) results in performances 4X better than sub-25kg / 55lbs alternatives and rivalries above categories, while its design and cost structure was developed to become a franchised autonomous delivery network.
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In September 2022, Richard Lochhead MSP, officialised its support of an IONA delivery trial in in his constituency. He has been fighting unfair delivery charges for many years, like in 2018 at the UK Parliament.“The plans put forward by Iona are ambitious and could revolutionize the way deliveries are carried out in rural areas by showcasing a new tech solution to this problem, so I’m keen to work with Iona and other stakeholders to look at a trial of this system here in Moray.”